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Our Product line of chimney liners for renovation

Yes, we are investing in the future and the conditions that the energy use will be in, in a more climate friendly future.
Our options for the craftsman, the consumer and the chimney sweeper are also developed with ideas that are mentioned for the user-friendliness and not least for the ease of assembly. Those of you who have tried know what we're talking about here, the rest of you are invited for a presentation in Källby (Sweden's metropolis).


Swedflex AB, manufacturing of liners

Our machinery is of the latest type and has a winding technology for liners which has received awards at tests, of having a unique composition which gives a density that’s not been presented earlier, which for us was a part in the selection of our corporate structure. TÜ is a test institution for the European market, which for instance creates guidelines for CE / EU test regarding the chimney and fireplace market. All of our products' features and materials are tested and approved by TÜV in terms chimney restoration products for liners.

Swedflex AB has the capacity to produce flexible liners in standard length of 30 meters for as well ventilation as smoke gases in dry and wet operation. Production of diameter 80 to 350 mm is available today and, if necessary, the capacity can be expanded to diameters up to 1200 mm. The tubes has several interesting aspects for as well vendors, craftsmen, chimney sweepers and end consumers when the winding technique provides free flow and constantly sealed sides in double-winding without open scale.


Image of pinwheel, Bollkalle

Accessories for the above production are available in a very high finish and design for simple assembly and with higher quality and for the sweeping industry. A telling example is our top lining which does not need to be riveted or have circumlocution for fixation. As an option for these top linings, we have several different variations of rain, or "ball boy" pinwheel for added draughts. The much talked about and popular cassette transitions should also be included as part of our comprehensive range of options.

SEM 1400, is water-based and used for slip-casting. It is a lasting and very easy to use product with good work performance and good density. Those who once tried it will remain, and craftsmen in the various stores can clearly attest SEM 1400's high quality and ease of use. Economically, it is an advantage for the contractor when it is extremely lasting and a small amount is needed for good results, this without a high purchase price.


Skamotech calcium silicate plates

Other accessories such as Skamoteck masonry slabs, vermiculite slabs, and white pigmented mortars are only a few products that we hold in our program. When we have experience in the industry, our products are carefully selected and can be seen in our showroom for a critical appraisal. We can show our production, with state of the art machines for winding the liners in our cultural building with agronomic cultural landscape around the corner.


  • » Our products have CE approval for all over Europe
  • » SEM-1400 have type approval
  • » We have a 10-year material warranty


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